Information Technolgy is "the study,design, development, implementation, support or management of computer & web based information system, particulary software application and computer hardware". IT deals with the use of electronic computer and computer software to convert, store, protect,process transmit and securely retrive information.

IT Branch is introduced in 2007 in Malwa Polytechnic College. There are 6 Labs in IT department. These Lab Provide Application of various computer concepts through latest equipnment. IT department is keen to provide best facilities to the students with ultra modern labs and well qulified staff. During current session deparment has indugled various personlity development activities. Our students are technically qulified to meet industrial needs. 



.Net  Framework Lab



 Linux Lab 

 Computer Workshop 

 Internet Lab




Sr. No. Name Qualification Experince # Designation
1 Mr. Rajbeer Singh M.Tech (CSE) 8.5 Years Sr. Lecturer CE
2 Mr. Navdeep Asija B.Tech (CSE) 6.5 Years Sr. Lecturer IT
3 Ms. Gurpreet Kaur B.Tech (CSE) 7.5 Years Lecturer
4 Mr. Sukhwant Singh B.Tech (CSE) 6 Months Lecturer
5 Mr. Simranjit Singh B.Tech (CSE) 6.5 Years Lecturer
6 Mr. Prince Jain M.Tech (CSE) 6. 5 Years Lecturer
7 Ms. Seema Rani B.Tech (CSE) 5.5 Years Lecturer
8 Ms. Nirmaljit Kaur B.Tech (CSE) 5 Years Lecturer
9 Ms. Alka Bansal B.Tech (CSE) 2 Years Lecturer
10 Ms. Palwinder Kaur B.Tech (CSE) 2 Years Lecturer
11 Ms. Surbhi Bhatta B.Tech (CSE) 2 Years Lecturer
12 Ms. Mony Sethi B.Tech (CSE) 2 Years Lecturer
13 Ms. Nisha B.Tech (CSE) 2 Years Lecturer
14 Ms. Mandeep Kaur B.Tech (CSE) 6 Months Lecturer



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