In today's fast running life,automobile has emerged as a necessity instead of luxary.This course train/prepare students to undertake the job of supervision repairs,maintenence and production of all kinds of automobile vehicles.This couse imparts khowledge and skills to studentd , to full fill above requirements.The scope of this course has increased intensively throughout the world.

Job Opportunities  

 In manufacturing industry (private &public sector).

In service sector like Railways, Hospitals, Millitry engg. Services, Boards & corporations, Transport departments etc.

In marketing sector for and after-sales services.

As an entrepreneur.





 1 Mr. Balram Dass HOD AME B. E (ME)
 2 Mr. Parminderjit Singh  Sr. Lecturer ME B. Tech (ME)
3 Mr. Rajinder Singh Lecturer ME B. Tech (ME)
 4 Mr. Gagandeep Kumar Lecturer ME B. Tech (ME)
5 Ms. Kirandeep Kaur Sandhu Lecturer ME B. Tech (ME)


          Experience is upto 31 Dec 2015