This course deals with the maintenance, repair and production of electrical equipment and systems.To do fault diagnosis, repairing small electrical gadgets/domestic appliances making joints and carrying out wiring work.To procure, inspect and test electrical and electronic engineering materials.To design wiring schemes for domestic and power installation , to draw layouts for wiring diagram,to understand and interpret the drawings prepared by others according to Indian standards and relevant Indian Electricity Rules. 
The Department of Elecrtical Engg. which has a fine blend od renoowned as well young and dynamic personalities as faculty is invovled in providing quality education at diploma level. Department has been updated with latest equipnment avialble. it has extensive fabrication, calibration and testing facilities for carring out industries, state electircity board& & BHEL consultancy project. 



Elecrtical Machine Lab Basic Electricity Lab
Project Lab Measurement Lab


   Faculty Members   

Sr. No. Name Qualification Designation
1 Mr. Gagandeep Singh Maan M.Tech (EE)
2 Mr. Gurjit Singh Gandhi B.Tech (EE) Sr. Lecturer EE
3 Mr. Parwinder Singh B.Tech (EE) Lecturer EE
4 Mr. Gurpreet Singh B.Tech (EE) Lecturer EE
5 Ms. Kuldeep Kaur B.Tech (EE) Lecturer EE