Mechanical engineering is an engineering discipline that was developed from the application of principles of physics and materials science.It is the branch of engineering that encompasses the generation and application of heat and mechanical power, design, production of machines and tools.It covers a solid understanding of core concepts of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, strength of materials, metrology, metallurgy, theory of machines  and enginerring drawing etc.It comprises of design, manufacturing, testing & maintenance, repairs & overhouling of machines and estimating/costing of projects.

  Job Opportunities  

In service sector like Railways, Hospitals, Millitry engg. Services, Boards & corporations, Transport departments etc. In marketing sector for and after-sales services.


Faculty Members




Name Designation
1 Mr. Gurlabh Singh Lecturer ME   B.Tech(ME) 

 Mr. Bhupinder Pal Singh Sandhu

 Lecturer ME  

3 Mr. Kanwardeep Brar Lecturer ME B.Tech(ME)
4 Mr. Kanwarpal Singh Gill Lecturer ME
5 Mr. Varinder Kumar Lecturer ME B.Tech(ME)
6 Mr. Bikramjeet Singh Lecturer ME B.Tech(ME)
7 Mr. Variander Pal Singh Lecturer ME B.Tech(ME)
8 Ms. Parminder Kaur Lecturer ME B.Tech(ME)