Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle

Unit of Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle(GGSSC) is established in Malwa Polytechnic College in the year 2005 & is running its activities very successfully.THis unit comes under Faridkot-Muktsar-Bathinda zones.

 Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle is working since 1972 with its Headquarters at Ludhiana Punjab.GGSSC is non political,academic ,cultural and sicio religious organisation for inculcation of moral and ethical values amongest the youth.GGSSC has emerge as an organisation fully committed to the case of future genarions for bringing moral awakening as Enshrined SRI GURU GARANTH SAHIB among the youth.The organisation has already been recognised by DPF schools and colleges of Punjab.GGSSC is recognized as "MEssager of  Peace" by IJNESCO. 

 The activities of GGSSC is divided into 8 directorates and 54 zones.This organisation is working in 17 states and 11 countries. 

  • To create awareness about our rich and glorious heritage.
  • To remove social and other evils from society.
  • To launch a movement in the fields of Literature, Culture, Social Service, Education and other aspects, as per universal approach of Gurbani.
  • To educate people about the ill designs of unholy and untruthful individuals, create respect dedication & faith in Sri Guru Granth Sahib.
  • To restructure and transform the society into casteless social system.
  • To encourage non-professional recitation of Gurbani and Kirtan.