ECE is about electronic components, integrated circuits and microprocessors and consists of design, fabricate, test, maintain and supervise the manufacture of electronic equipment. This branch Of Engineering has a key place in the field of computers, Information Technology, Electrical, power system operations, communication systems. To fabricate and test electronic circuits. Manufacturing, testing and maintenance of electronic devices and systems. To understand the construction, identification, characteristics, specifications, merits, limitations and applications of electronic components and materials. To understand lines communication, audio and video communication, and microwave communication.

Job Opportunities
Electronic Exchange Department of Telecommunication Doordarsan
Prasar Bharti BSNL Railway
Defence Radar and Wireless Electricity Board


 Faculty Members

Sr. No. Name Qualification Designation
1 Mr. Maninder Singh  Dhillon M.Tech (ECE), MBA(HR) HOD
2 Mr. Naveen Kumar B.Tech (ECE) Sr. Lecturer ECE
3 Mr. Amarpreet Singh  B.Tech (ECE)  Lecturer ECE
5 Mr. Devinder Singh  B.Tech (ECE)  Lecturer ECE
6 Mr. Manpreet Singh  B.Tech (ECE)  Lecturer ECE
7 Mr. Satnam Singh B.Tech (ECE)  Lecturer ECE
8 Mr. Amrinder Singh B.Tech (ECE) Lecturer ECE
9 Mrs. Poonam Sharma B.Tech (ECE) Lecturer ECE